I want to move


If you want to move home, please contact our Housing Options team to support you through the process and work out which is the best way for you to move.

You might want a mutual exchange into another tenanted property, which can be the quickest option. You can use the free national HomeSwapper service to advertise your home and search for matches.

You could also consider a transfer and, if you are of state pensionable age, we can give you a financial or assistance incentive if you down-size your home.

If you receive housing benefit, your entitlement will stop if you move out before this date.  You may be able to claim housing benefit on two properties in some circumstances for a limited time – contact Thrive’s Income Management team or your Local Authority to discuss this further.

To find out more read our housing options leaflet, our ending your tenancy leaflet or contact our Housing Options Team on 01923 693 873.