Strategy and values

Our procurement and contracting vision of success is defined by the following:

  • Thrive Homes is an intelligent and informed customer, where contracting with suppliers is concluded with the utmost confidence and professionalism
  • Value for Money is always achieved through successful contracting with suppliers, and is continually realised throughout the life of the contract through excellent procurement, contract and supplier management practices
  • Thrive Homes is a customer of choice. We have a high profile within the local housing and public sector community and suppliers are keen to obtain our custom
  • Thrive Homes is a landlord of choice. Tenants and leaseholders are our priority and we continually look to improve in order to deliver value for money against the services we provide
  • Thrive Homes operates with integrity. It is honest, trustworthy, accountable, and deal with all expenditure in a fair, open and transparent manner.

Our procurement values are focused around the following attributes:

Forward Thinking – being innovative, creative, positive, proactive, and having a “can do” attitude. Anticipating future trends and risk, prepared to change, energetic, enthusiastic and confident. Working professionally, efficiently and ethically to achieve the best outcome.

Responsible and Reliable– being customer-focused, accountable, trusted and acting with integrity. Considering sustainability and equality, as well as supplier probity.

Working With Others– acting and working together as one organisation as opposed to separate service areas. Adopting internal and external partnership approaches where there is co-operation, teamwork and collaboration.

Value For Money– achieving excellence across the organisation through efficiency and providing cost effective services. Allocating the use of Tenants and Leaseholders’ money with austerity and always looking for practical opportunities to save money.

Value For Money Strategy (2014-19)

You can download our Value For Money Strategy 2015 here.